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Leading our matwork Pilates classes is Melissa Elani. Melissa’s classes are dynamic and flowing, keeping it fun and challenging while focusing on correct alignment and execution. She comes from a dance background having studied Performing Arts in The Netherlands. She discovered Pilates after needing recovery from serious injuries and fell in love with the method. It is a beautiful and safe way to gain strength, stability and mobility in the body. It will increase your body awareness and help you move with ease in your day to day life. You will walk out feeling strong and aligned. Melissa pays close attention to her students and welcomes all levels to class.

MELISSA ELANI Matwork / Reformer




Mira has been obsessed with movement all her life and has worked as a Step Aerobics and Zumba in the US while studying. After becoming a mom she decided she wants to help people and completed Pilates Mat level 3 and is now working towards Pre and Post natal qualification.Pilates helps people which is Mira’s divine purpose in life along with life coaching.